About Laurie M Forbes, the Author
Who is Laurie M Forbes?

Laurie is a survivor of childhood sexual, physical, and
emotional abuse, and neglect.

Laurie is the published author of Breaking Free, she
has also written articles, and poems. Some of the
poems can be viewed on this website.

Laurie is the mother of 8 children, 7 boys and one girl.
The youngest two sons died in infancy. She and
Bruce have been married for 33 years (as of 2013).

Laurie is a quilter. Several of her original design quilts
are featured on this website.

Laurie enjoys the outdoors, whether it is hiking
mountain trails, walking on the beach, or in her own
back yard. She also likes all animals, wild or domestic,
but her favorites are horses, cats, and dogs in that

Laurie also loves to garden but does not have a very
green thumb for some reason.

Laurie is an avid family historian and actively
researches her family's history.

Laurie is also a mental health professional. She has a
Master's of Social Work, and is licensed as an LCSW.  
Laurie specializes in treating PTSD associated with
most any trauma, but more particularly childhood
sexual abuse and domestic violence.
Lauries high school
graduation picture,
30+ years ago.

Laurie more recently,
if there were a more
current picture all her
hair would be white.