About the book Breaking Free
Laurie Forbes’s working title for her personal account of healing
from childhood abuse was Triumph. But that word describes Laurie’s
published book, is more descriptive of the lengthy process itself.
Abuse — emotional, physical, psychological, and sexual — can hold
its victims fast, in the absence of tremendous strength of will,
sometimes forever. Laurie first fought, then faced her own long
suppressed memories of childhood psychological and sexual abuse.
Her eventual freedom came at the end of an arduous journey in
which she was sustained by her faith, the love and support of family
members and friends, and the care and guidance of her doctor and
The remarkable detail in which Laurie describes her odyssey reflects
more than one thousand pages of journal entries that consumed as
much as eight hours per day and for which Laurie sacrificed food,
sleep, and time with her husband and children. The story that has
come out of the many hours she spent writing and typing late into
the night is one not of the shame and anger precipitated by abuse
or of the unimaginable pain and anguish occasioned by the loss of
two children in infancy, but rather of the process of coming to terms
and living with these experiences. It is a story of tremendous
personal strength, human compassion, and divine intercession.
Good and evil, love and hate, beauty and wretchedness, and
tragedy and triumph are all intertwined and interwoven in Laurie’s
personal experience of the human condition. Reading Breaking Free
will bring tears not only of sorrow and commiseration, but of wonder
and joy.   ~ John Simon, Editor
What is Breaking Free: A Journey of Healing from
Childhood Abuses
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