What others have said about
Breaking Free A Journey of Healing from
Childhood Abuses
“My first impression about the book was that I hated it. The reason being it was too real. I
felt things I thought I had hidden very well. I have read other books like this one... You are
the closest person that felt the exact same thing I did. Your book was very difficult to read, I
had to keep walking away because I could only stand small bits and pieces. And I realized I
still need a lot of therapy because it brought to my attention I am still stuffing things way
down, where no one can reach them…except you and your book. …you did help me to
realize that I need to rely on Heavenly Father to help me heal more. I guess it didn’t dawn
on me to ask for help in that department because it didn’t exist…remember I stuffed it
where no one could see, therefore no problem.”
                                                                                                     ~ Denise Haller, survivor

“I have such admiration that Laurie Forbes has the courage to share her efforts and
process in recovering from childhood abuse. She allows us to share in her experiences,
bringing to light struggles suffered by so many. She serves as an example for others who
want to know how to work through pain. For others who are not yet consciously aware of
what isn’t working in their own lives, Laurie’s book can bring recognition and hope for
something better.”
                                                                                                             ~ E. Porter, survivor
“Laurie’s story is very touching and those who read it will be deeply
affected by it, whether they are victims, family or friends of survivors,
bishops, therapists, or anyone concerned with the destructive effects
child abuse has on our society. When a victim has the courage to face
their past and deal with it, they become a survivor. Once they have
survived their journey to peace and wholeness, they become a thriver
who often uses their own experiences to help others. Laurie is a thriver.
There are few books with the depth, honesty, and sincerity of Laurie’s.
She has generously opened up her heart and journal to share her
experiences so that others may grow and gain an understanding of the
effects of childhood sexual abuse, the difficult path to healing, and how
they might support others through their healing journeys.
                                                                                    ~ Susan L.
Ericksen, RN, LMFT

We have both been reading your manuscript whenever we could fit it in
and find it to be deeply touching. You have an amazing story to tell and it’
s one that could greatly benefit others who have experienced similar
heartaches and trauma. We look forward to seeing it in book form and
wish you the best in that endeavor.”
                                                                                    ~ Gary and Joy
Lundberg, authors