Questions about Breaking Free
A Journey of Healing from Childhood Abuses
Who is your therapist?
Sorry, that is confidential. I understand that many people would like to use the same therapist I have because she is
a very good therapist, however, she has requested that I maintain her privacy in connection with this book. I am sure
that there are others just as capable as she is in the area where you live. She is now retired.

How could I write such a book?
There is a great need for someone to have the courage to share this information with other survivors so they know
that they are not alone. I was not able to find other books on healing from childhood abuse that told the healing
process from a survivors perspective instead of a mental health professional. Any survivor will gain a great deal
from a first hand account of another survivors journey through healing.

How could I let these things become public?
I can help those few survivors that enter my sphere of existence alone or I can help vastly more survivors by
allowing my story to be published. I choose to make a difference by reaching the largest amount of people possible.
My goal for this book is not to brag about my accomplishments, but to help as many others who have suffered and
survived childhood events such as I have. I desire to help not just survivors, but their spouses, friends, parents,
siblings and their own children to understand how difficult, painful, and time consuming the healing process is,
hopefully generating more support for the survivor.

I have an opportunity to give hope to the hopeless, courage to the fearful, faith to the faltering, and strength to the
discouraged. I am very aware that, in writing this book, I have placed myself in a vulnerable situation. I choose to
believe that the good I will do through sharing my story will outweigh the possible negative responses that can come
my way.

I am aware that sharing my story of healing can cause pain in others, but I believe that the pain experienced will be
minimal when compared to the healing and growth that will also be experienced. I believe that my story will generate
far more hope, courage, and general well being in other survivors than any negative response that may surface.

Since the publication of my story, those who just hear about it are astoundingly and gratifyingly excited at the
prospect of reading it. Those who have already read it report that, though it was hard to read because of the
emotional responses they had, it was very beneficial.