Questions about Laurie and her famiy
Please note that Laurie chooses to maintain a certain amount of privacy. Family member names
will not be revealed to anyone. If you happen to be a family friend please respect Laurie and her
family's privacy and do not reveal those names to those who do not know the family. If you
happen to recognize Laurie's father as your abuser, feel free to contact her, she has great
empahty for you, but do not expect compensation from Laurie for his actions.
Since your family members are all deceased, what harm would there be in revealing their names?
My parents, grandparents, and great grandparents are all deceased, however, I still have living family
members - children, siblings, and cousins. I have chosen to reveal my name to the general public, but will not
take away the choice of my remaining family members to remain private. Abuse took away too many
choices in my childhood, so now I choose to err on the side of freedom of choice rather than assuming
something is okay for me to do when it involves others.