Questions about Death and Grief
Is there a difference between combat traumatic deaths and all other traumatic sudden deaths?
Yes, unrestrained revenge. If you have ever felt the desire to have revenge on the person who caused the
sudden death of your loved one, then you understand to a point. A combat soldier has a legally unrestrained
opportunity for revenge. The soldier is there to kill the enemy, when his buddy dies in his arms he can simply
do what he is there for - kill the enemy, only this time there is the thought that, "this is for ....." Civilians who
feel this rage at the person who caused their family member's death (such as a drunk driver) are restrained
by the law, most people don't act on that desire because they have severe consequences if they do. They
are forced to allow the law of the land to take its ponderous course to see their "enemy" punished.

Do men and women grieve differently?
Absolutely! Women are emotional and grieve with their emotions. Men are physical and express their grief
through physical activity. Women talk about their grief, men prefer not to. Both will cry, women more openly
than men. Men will prefer to avoid anyone seeing them cry, but they do cry.