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Crowther Documents


Dimond (Dimon, Diamond) Documents

Family history of John and Sarah Lenora Hallenbeck
as complied by Albert W Dimon ca 1911, and with
handwritten updates by Samuel A Dimond ca 1930. This is a
PDF file, 4 pages, 3.33MB.

Dimon Pedigree charts and Family group sheets


Forbes Documents

Rudolph Forbes is the ancestor that is believed to have
immigrated to the American Colonies, however, his homeland is
unproven due to several documents giving different birthplaces.


A Vital Records Source Book for
Ka'u, Complied by Loving
Volunteers in 1988.


Kramp Documents

The Kramp family is from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Herminna Fredricka Louise Kramp (Germany) is the first
generation of her family born in the United States.

Kramp Pedigree Charts  and family group sheets


Lund Documents - there are research aids posted to help read
the Norwegian documents

This Lund family is originally from Nord Trondelag, Norway.

Anton Martin Lund (Norway) is the first generation of his family
born in the United States. Anton and Herminna Kramp married in
1917, in Hennepin County, Minnesota.

Lund Pedigree charts  and family group sheets

Mammoth, Juab County, Utah documents

Census records 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940

Family Information for those who lived in Mammoth
between 1880 and 1940 will be added later.


Richards Documents

Family History of Henry Richards and Jane Marriott. Compiled
by Vera Richards Wilke, by tradition - 1970-1975. Edited and
reformatted by Laurie M Forbes - 2008. Word doc, 23 pages,
indexed.  Original document (this is a bad photocopy of the
original) - scanned and
indexed by LF. Part 1, Part 2.

Common surnames in the family history - Mancur, Marriott,
McKittrick, Nichols, Richards, Schanou, Talbot, etc.

Richards Pedigree Chart and family group sheets


Saffell National Funeral Register - Funeral Register of the
P. J. Saffell Funeral Home, Maryland/DC area, 1958-1964.
Indexed and abstracted. A digital copy of the original book will be
found later at: or through the Family
History Library catalog at: The
original book is in the possession of James (Jimmy) Saffell of
Salt Lake City, UT.


Scott School, Mill Creek, Utah -
Indexes of the 1891, 1892,
1898, 1899, 1900, and 1902 School registers, and the 1886 Roll
of Honor. To see the original records visit The Pioneer Craft
House Museum at 500 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, Utah.  

Taylor Documents


Weeks Documents

Weeks pedigree charts and family group sheets

Weeks Family History
as compiled by Samuel Abel Dimond,
ca. 1947. It is recommended that you search the index before
going to the document due to the size of the files. These are
PDF flies.

WARNING: S A Dimond, although a relatively decent
researcher, has perpetuated some major errors in his work, use
this history as a guideline for your own research instead of
taking it as 100% factual.   

Part 1, pages 1 - 22a, 14.5 MB.
Part 2, pages 23 - 39, 12.4 MB.
Part 3, pages 40 - 59, 14.3 MB.
Part 4, pages 60 - 78, 11.0 MB.
Indexed by Laurie Forbes in 2008. (This is a web page.)

Major surnames (listed more than 6 times in the index): Burgess,
Canefield, Chamberlain, Dimon, Dimond, Diamond, Erickson,
Garnett, Goodrich, Grossen, Hale, Jess, Lanphear, Mooney,
Nottage, Olsen, Oppen, Philes, Reisner, Richards, Sampson,
Smith, Wait, Weeks, Weekes, Wickwire, Yeager. There are too
many other names in the index to list.


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