Kramp Pedigree Charts
and Family Group Sheets
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Family Group Sheets - listed by couple #
(Example: 2/3 are individuals #2 and #3 who are married)

Chart 1:
2/3, 4/5, 6/7,

Pedigree Chart Name Index

Name                                                  Born,Chr     Died/Bur     Cht/Person#
Kramp, Herminna Fredricka Louise 31Mar1895    9May1984                 1/1
Kramp, William Heinrich                  10Dec1850    14Apr1931                 1/2
Kramp, William Heinrich                                        12Apr1931                 1/4
Lund, Anton Martin                          23Feb1886    3Mar1977        1/Spouse
Luth, Margaretha                             16Mar1834    31Mar1915                1/7
Luth, Wilhelmina                                                    1931                          1/5
Schoning, Heinrich                                                 Jul1894                     1/6
Schoning, Maria                              19Oct1858      6Aug1939                 1/3