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Gregorian/Julian Calendars

Abbreviations are found in all Scandinavian parish registers.
Fortunately the same abbreviations were generally used
throughout the countries, but some ministers used their own
peculiar ones that are not easily interpreted. This list contains
some of the most commonly used.
Words beginning with the Scandinavian letters Å, Ä, Ö, and Ø
are found in this list under the letters A and O. The letter L in
parentheses following a word identifies it as a Latin word. Click
the alphabet links below for the word you desire.

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The above general word list is over thirty pages long when in a
word processor. It is not a comprehensive list, but sufficient to
cover most words found in Norwegian church records.

See below for word lists in the following record categories:
Birth/christening, gender, marriage, burial/death, confirmations,
dates/times, holidays, and etc.

Patronymics - the surname of the child is the first name of the
father with either 'sen' (son) or 'datter, dtr' (daughter) following
it. Example: Hansen (son of Hans) or Hansdatter (dau of Hans)