Norwegian Research Aids
       Online Resources for Norway:

Digital Archive (University of Bergen, Norway)

Registeringsentral for historiske data (University of TromsØ,

Facts about Norway.

100 years of emigrant ships from Norway.

The Scandinavian Regiment. 15th Infantry.

Emigration to America and Norwegian-American Histories

Dis-Norge (A meeting place for Genealogists)

1972 Postal Guide for Norway
Norwegian Parish Register Headings for the years that changes were made to the printed
Examples for:
    1814                         1820                                        1877                         
Birth                               Burials & Stillborn                    Birth & Stillborn
Confirmation                  Christenings                            Confirmation
Death                             Confirmations                          Death
Marriage                        Marriage                                  Marriage
Removals                      Removals & Arrivals                 Removals & Arrivals

abbreviations used in the ONLINE Norwegian census records. These are found at
the Digital Archive link above.

words used in Norwegian church records, along with other useful lists.