Genealogy and Family History of
Laurie M. (Lund) Forbes
Laurie Lund is  a descendant of the following four grandparents:

Anton Martin Lund - was born in Minnesota. His parents
immigrated from Nord Trondelag, Norway in 1884. See document
link below for a name index.

Herminna Fredericka Louise Kramp - was born in Minnesota.
Her parents immigrated from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany about
1873. Names in this family are: Kramp, Luet(Leut), and

Anton and Herminna married in Minnesota in 1917. One of their
sons is Laurie's father.

Aldred Eugene Richards - was born in Nebraska. His father
was born in Illinois. His paternal grandfather was born in England
and immigrated with his wife and children to the United States in
1851. His mother was born in Ontario, Canada and immigrated to
the United States with her parents in 1884. (Major names in this
family are: Mancur, Marriott, McKittrick, Richards, Talbot, etc.)

Iris Isabelle Dimond - was born in Minnesota. Her family can be
traced back to the earlier days of Colonial America before going
back to Great Britain. Follow document link below for a name

Aldred and Iris married in Oregon in 1923. One of their daughters
is Laurie's mother.

Genealogy documents associated with these families
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The above documents consist of pedigree charts, family group sheets,
photographs, census records, and various other original documents. These
documents are PDF files using Adobe Acrobat reader. If you do not have
this program, it is a free download and can be found at most genealogy
research sites.

It should be noted that some of the Norwegian and German family records
will be in those respective languages. To aid in reading these I have
provided research aids in those languages.
Norway        Germany (coming soon)     

There may also be a need for help with older handwriting styles and
calendar dates:

Old English handwriting       
Julian/Gregorian Calendar   
Laurie has written a few family history stories and poems.

Stories:                                        Poems:
Jacob                                           The Gift
Joseph                                         The Battle
Mom's Death                                The Change
A Miscarriage                              
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My Childhood Home
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