Bubbles of Hope
                                             Bubbles of Hope

                                                        Original Design by Laurie M Forbes
                                        Machine pieced, and hand quilted by Laurie M Forbes
                                                                 Size: approximately 2' x 3'
                                                                     Finished: July 2003

I have made several of copies of this quilt and given all but one away. This one I kept for myself because
the message is as inspirational to me as it is to everyone else, and because I like it so well.

The story that inspired this quilt is sweet. A young woman bore her testimony in a Relief Society meeting
and said that there were times when she felt as if she were under water and had been tossed around so
much by the currents that she did not know which way was up. A friend once told her that she could let out
some air and follow the bubbles to the surface. I had also recently seen the movie “Hope Floats.” At the
end of this movie it is stated that hope always rises to the surface. The phrase lettered on the quilt is
"Like bubbles, hope always rises to the surface."

There is a solid piece of fabric for the background and everything else is cut out and zig zagged onto it. I
used thread for the zig zagging and the hand quilting that matched the background fabric. It is hand
quilted with a clamshell pattern. The backing fabric is simply turned over the front to form the binding and
give a framed effect.