Triumph: Breaking Free
                                                     Triumph: Breaking Free

                                            Original Design by Laurie M Forbes
                                   Pieced and hand quilted by Laurie M Forbes
                                                    Size: approximately 5' x 5'
                                                    Finished: November 2002

This is the second quilt I made of this design. The first was given to a friend. This quilt was
made because I wanted one to hang on my wall. The first version is the one mentioned in my
book, Breaking Free, A Journey of Healing from Childhood Abuses.

I have made changes from the first version, but only enough to reflect the progress I made
since making the first one.

This quilt is the story of my life. There is a white cocoon at the center bottom, with six colored
lines extending from it that represent love, faith, trust, charity, courage, and hope. These lines
are tangled while in the black area and begin to untangle as they progress toward the white
area, becoming a loose braid until they converge into a rainbow with a butterfly at the top.
The dark half of the quilt represents the abusive environment I was born into and spent my
childhood and adolescence in. The white represents the time I have spent getting to know my
Savior and healing from the childhood abuse. The line separating the black and white areas
is the delineation point when I allowed my Savior’s atonement to become prominent in my
life. The rest of the quilt can be interpreted by the viewer.