Windows of Faith
Windows of Faith

                                                     Original Design by Laurie M Forbes
                                     Machine pieced and hand quilted by Laurie M Forbes
                                                            Size: approximately 3' x 2.5'
                                                             Finished: September 1998

While I was going through The Courage to Heal Workbook, I found instructions about making a totem for myself.
This quilt was made during that time, but I did not realize that it was actually my totem until much later (as
discussed in my book). I look at this quilt and saw that it was symbolic of my testimony of the Savior and his
gospel in all it aspects. Each overlapping circle represents one aspect and how they are all intertwined.

The center is my version of Cathedral Windows, with three borders machine stitched on and a backing applied.
There is very thin batting to give some thickness to the borders. It  is hand quilted in lines radiating out from the
center ‘cathedral’ square to give the impression of a window frame.