The Battle
                                                               The Battle

                                                              By Laurie Forbes

Abuse taints all beauty with a film of ugliness.
A rose is just a flower with bug chewed edges and thorns ready to stab the unwary.
Abuse’s coating of filth, deposited over the heart and eyes, hides the beauty.
Abuse leaves cynicism and pain where pleasure and joy should have been.
Love is felt, but unrecognized.
The heart that is supposed to swell when love enters, can’t.
Abuse filled it with sorrow first.
Selflessness is unknown.
Abuse is selfish and paints life with rejection, leaving behind a desperate, unknown need.
Abuse destroys Trust and Hope, leaving oppressive fear and darkness.
Abuse spreads grime, like dust in the wind, tinting Nature’s colors with brown or black.
Escape from abuse?
It seems impossible.
Abuse only needed the perpetrator to bring it to life.
When the perpetrator departs, Abuse continues relentlessly on its destructive path.
Once alive, Abuse’s roots grow in the heart and mind as deep as weeds, penetrating all of value.
Can Abuse’s influence be erased?
Is Strength left for such a fight?
Shame and guilt have taken over.
The destruction appears complete.
Hope seems useless until a Hand reaches out.
The Hand brings light into the deep darkness.
A soothing Voice brings peace, and Hope starts to rise.
Strength begins to return, the battle to remove Abuse is born.
The Hand leads, the Voice guides, on the path towards The Light.
The Light dilutes Abuse’s poison.
The ugliness begins to recede.
Hope and Strength grow, assisted by the Hand and Voice.
Fear begins to withdraw.
Courage takes its place.
The battles go on.
The tug of war seems eternal.
Is there no end?
When the Hand and Voice walk behind, and Courage leads with Hope and Strength.
When The Light can embrace with Love, washing away Abuse’s poison.
When Courage, Hope, and Strength are joined by Love, Peace, and Forgiveness.
When the rose is a vibrant glowing red, with soft, silky petals, filled with a sweet perfume.
Beautiful and pure.

Copyright by Laurie M Forbes, 2002